Gay couple left meal after kiss complaint

Gay couple left meal after kiss complaint

February 26, 2018 | More from Food Trends

Gay couple left meal after kiss complaint

Image copyright Sam Anderson
Image caption Sam Anderson (left) and his partner Angus Reilly were having an early Valentine’s Day meal

A gay couple who briefly kissed in a restaurant felt they had to leave when the owner “stood over” them saying it was a “family friendly” place.

Sam Anderson and Angus Reilly had been exchanging gifts during an early Valentine’s Day meal at The Mumbai Inn in Leicester on 12 February.

The couple were left “so shocked” and “got up and left straight away”.

Owner Andaz Rana spoke to them because another customer “had not been comfortable” but has since apologised.

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Image caption Andaz Rana, owner of the Mumbai Inn, said he treats all customers equally

Mr Anderson, 20, from Oadby, Leicestershire, said: “I was so shocked. Then we got up and left straight away.

“One of the waitresses came out and apologised for her manager’s behaviour, which she described as homophobic. She gave us both hugs.”

“What so upset us was the intimidating way he went about it and the fact he referenced it was a family friendly restaurant, as if being a gay couple is something that not is family friendly.

“We did not feel comfortable in that restaurant, we did not feel wanted.”

Mr Rana said he treats all his customers equally but spoke to the couple when another customer, who was there with a child, said they were not comfortable sitting near them.

“On behalf of my entire team, I will say sorry.”

He said he was “very upset” they had shared their story on social media, instead of coming to see him at the restaurant in De Montfort Street.

Mr Anderson said they had only put their story on social media to share with friends.

“Whilst we have been overwhelmed by the response, we didn’t ask for any of it. We haven’t looked for any of the attention this has got.”

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