6 secrets for grilling a thick, juicy steak

6 secrets for grilling a thick, juicy steak

May 18, 2018 | More from Food Trends

6 secrets for grilling a thick, juicy steak

A thick steak can certainly be intimidating, but it tastes brilliant when it’s cooked correctly. Working with a thicker piece of meat allows you to generously season the outside without turning the meal into a salty mess. The result: a deeply seared, flavorful crust that gives way to a juicy, slightly smoky interior. Really, it’s so good it just melts in your mouth.

If you’re wondering how to grill a thick steak without over- or under-cooking it, have no fear! As a former restaurant chef, I know a few tips and tricks to turn super-thick-cut steaks into perfectly cooked dinners. Read on to learn about my favorite techniques that will turn you into a pro in no time!

1. Salt the steak at least 30 minutes in advance (but, preferably, overnight)

Salting a steak in advance is critical to its ultimate quality and taste.  (iStock)

Salting is the very best thing you can do for a large steak. You don’t need much salt – just a nice sprinkle of kosher salt over the entire surface. Then, place it on a rack (uncovered) inside the fridge.

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